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Provides opportunity to travel internationally for advanced studies.

    Nowadays a pet has become the important members of a family, pet groomer demand in Malaysia also increases. Pet grooming is a very specialized trade, a rapid growing and professional industry in Malaysia. Pet Grooming not just to bathe the dog, but through the beautician exquisite pruning techniques, to cover perfectly of the imperfect of their bodily form, enhance the cuteness and beautiness of the pet. That's why groomer need to efforts in study pet grooming courses, a textual research, more should constantly absorbing new knowledge in order to have a first-class professional grooming skill.
    Pro Groomer Academy is the ONLY one who won the most awards in Grooming Competition among all of the Grooming Association around Asia. In addition to the general lovely modelling of pet style, we also attaches great importance to the standard pet style that needed for the international pet show. Foster internationalization Pet Groomer, adhere to the institute of vocational education theory and practical is our consistent purpose.  Moreover, Pet Groomer Academy has offers overseas student exchange too.
      Our academy has the perfect equipment and professional teacher. Under the guidance of our highly qualified instructors, students must be able to get quickly and accurately with all the grooming necessary skills and techniques. Students from our school will be highly sought by pet shops or Veterinary as Pro Groomer Grooming House is well-known for producing highly skilled groomers in Malaysia.
    Pro Groomer Academy situated in Taipan Subang Jaya, Selangor, most of the traffic are very convenient, in addition to several stores nearby, we are also provided advanced dormitory area with good equipment.