11. 6, 2017

Pet World Mid Valley 2017

Pet World Mid Valley! We have professional consultant to consult Grooming Course, Pet Skin Problem and more about dog, Register for new intake can get a free grooming tools! Hurry come to visit Our booth No.233!
最后一天在Mid Valley宠物展览,請前来我们位于233的展销摊位,可以质询有关课程详情。

26. May, 2017

Desa Park Pet Bazaar

12-14th May & 26-28th May 2017 we have booth No.14 @ Pet Bazaar Desa Park City Kepong, we provide Student Intake grooming class for July, skin problem consult for free, Skin Treatment package, detick counter, grooming tools and accessory for sale.
我们在Kepong Desa Park City户外参展14号摊位为大家分享皮肤护理还有日本最新的负离子重碳酸泉锭!

07. Apr, 2016

Pets Fiesta宠物展览2016

Setia City Convention Center Gooming Demo Event. Pets Fiesta 宠物展览2016,现场修剪示范。

15. Jan, 2016


Enjoy the pet grooming service for Chinese New Year famous artist interview.参与辣手网新年专访当红歌手马嘉轩&Zen俊倩“爱犬过年装扮”犬种美容。

28. Jun, 2015

TV commercial

Pet Grooming service touch up/groom/make up for pets food TV commercial.参与狗粮广告拍摄工作,负责整理及化妆模特儿犬。

28. Jun, 2015

Pets World Exibition Event

Mid-Valley Pets World Exibition Event.参与2015年宠物展展览。

30. July, 2015

KDU event

KDU HEARTY PAW event to help SPCA for charity donation. Thank you KDU for inviting us to be part of the event. Every grooming fees of the pets will donate to SPCA for charity donation drive.
Special thanks to our teammates, Howling Cafe and Pro Groomer Academy for joining this event.受KDU学校邀请参与及负责宠物美容慈善义剪活动,帮助SPCA流浪动物团体募款